Red Rose 2004

GeorgePurdyCraig Dewar interviews George Purdy the Chief Scout at the time who called to visit us on-site

rayhardmanRay Hardman, one of the Sub Camp Chiefs takes a turn to Present a show and ends up speaking to our Mountaineering Team in Greenlandvia Satellite Phone to hear what Dick Griffiths and others have to pass on about what they’ve been doing on their adventure


Be Prepared to Listen (Small)Ray Hardman again, this time he speaks with a Group of our Network who are out in Taiwan at the World Moot, you can just feel their excitement and the emotion as they speak to other people they know and love back home.
andymitchellHilton Dawson MP visited us for the day and Andy Mitchell puts a number of serious questions to him
lonnieThe Camp Chief Ian “Lonnie” Lonsdale is interviewed, again by Andy Mitchell, particularly about the weather.
lonnie2Each evening in 2004, “Andy’s Tea Time Talkback” held the 6 O’clock slot and was a resume of the day. On the final day, as everyone was going home and just before we pulled the plug out of the transmitter, the final 4 minutes became a summary of the entire camp and a particularly good epitaph.